Our Story

It all started with our first bite of the most delectable lemon bar we had ever tasted.  It was like that magical moment when you realize you are falling in love and you know your life will never be the same.  That is how we felt about these lemon bars. We wondered if we could share that magic with everyone so they could experience the pure joy these treats bring.  We decided to eliminate questionable ingredients and gluten so we could share our love for lemon bars with more people because everyone deserves dessert, right?  We hunkered down in our kitchen for what seemed like a lifetime experimenting with the best citrus flavors, batters, temperatures, and timing. Finally, after many months, eggs, butter, sugar, and countless taste testing sessions with family and friends, we created the best citrus combinations and beverage pairings we have ever tasted.  We cannot wait to share our lemon bar love with you!