About Us

Lemon Bar is an artisanal dessert destination featuring citrus flavored desserts and specialty drinks. We are built on a culture with a genuine passion for food. We believe food should not only taste good but should be good for us as well. We believe when we eat well, we feel well, and we feel inspired to live our best lives. At Lemon Bar, desserts serve to nourish our bodies, warm our spirits, and foster a sense of connectedness as we share sweet treats and sips with friends and family. With this in mind, we don’t take shortcuts or compromise ingredients to save money. We use the highest quality ingredients available and it shows with each delectable bite. We decided to eliminate questionable ingredients. If we cannot pronounce it, we do not want it. Also, we believe everyone deserves dessert so we decided to create desserts made without gluten. We love sharing our passion for food with our community. We share our passion for food through acts of service and partnerships with charitable and non-profit organizations to provide unsold food to those in need.